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Lexington Tech International (‘LTI’) is an international company that develops and manages oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation and industrial infrastructure projects in North America, South America and Africa. Our business also includes trading of crude oil for petroleum refineries and procurement of plant equipment & machinery and supplies for construction and maintenance projects.


LTI brings value for our clients, partners, vendors, contractors and ultimately, for the people and community.


Company Profile


With associated business contacts in Caracas, Beijing and Seoul acting as LTI’s global network, LTI headquarters is strategically positioned close to our clients in the Energy Corridor in Houston.


Founded by leading individuals with long time experience and expertise in plant engineering & construction projects, Lexington Tech International is quickly growing into an industry leader with remarkable capability and solid network for project development, project management and procurement in hydrocarbon, energy and power industry.


Our task is to match development needs among interest-holders in the industry and to develop and create profitable and value-generating projects in co-work with stakeholders. LTI integrates vast business, technical, financial and legal resources to successfully implement and achieve what our interest holders, business partners and clients want to achieve.



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